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Complete List of Frequently Asked Questions

Q) So if I get this right, I am allowed to download the artwork and game file and make my own copies of these games to give as gifts?
A) That’s exactly right.

Q) OK, so what's the catch?
A) There is none. This is just one software developers little attempt to try to give back a little and help out during trying times.

Q) If you give away your games, how do you make money?
A) we don’t make money, this site and the games offered in Project Reindeer Games are a simple attempt to help out families in a tough time. We are a non profit site.

Q) If we download files do we have to give personal information or anything?
A) absolutely not, we never ask for any information personal or otherwise.

Q) Are the games just free trials, or require micro transactions or something?
A) Nope, these are 100% complete and free PC games for individuals to give, play, and share with their families and loved ones. There is none of that trial offer, or buy this and that in the game nonsense we see in some game labeled ”free”. Our games are actually just that, FREE.

Q) Can I make a bunch of your games and pass them out at my charity event?
A) YES! that is a wonderful idea.

Q) I would really like to give one of these games as a present this year, but I dont have the materials or ability to create a game, can you help?
A) Please email us and request  a game. Be aware our budget is limited, so the amount of free games we can produce and ship each holiday season is very limited. Families are limited to one copy of each title if available.

Q) What are the restrictions for non-profits org with regard to your games?
A) Non Profits are free to create and give away our games as long as our games are given away freely. If a non profit wishes to use our games as a fund raising tool, they first must contact us and ask for permission. Permission will be granted on a case by case basis, as the circumstances warrant.

Q) Can I offer your games on my website?
A) Well sort of, all our games are EXCLUSIVE to our site so while you cannot offer a direct link to the game file itself, you are permitted and encouraged to link to our game pages.

Q) My printer is broken, do you need the printed instructions to play?
A) No worries, the game has easy follow instructions and so forth within the game itself.

Q) My printer is out of ink, can I share and give your games to my kids other ways like email or usb stick?
A) Of course you can.

Q) I  have a blog, is there a place I can get a some screenshots and media with regards to your games?
A) Certainly, we have a media presskit found here.  We appreciate any and all help with regards to spreading the word about our site and free games.  Thanks.         

Q) Does your games have a time limit like some shareware does?
A) No, our games are complete and free from the minute you download them. We ask only that you enjoy them and share them.

Q) I received a warning from my firewall/anti virus when I downloaded your game file should I be concerned?
A) No, our files are  completely safe, The game file itself within the zip file is an .exe file and that type file often triggers a warning.

Q) Can I make a copy of a game for just myself?
A) Of course, enjoy!

Q) I wish to make a bunch of copies of your games to help out my community. How much does it cost per game if I have to buy the needed parts, paper? cd cases? Etc
A) CD cases can be bought in cases of 25 and up, for under 20cents per. Paper and ink depending on quality can be around 25-30 cents per game. CD Disc in bulk are approx. 20 cents per. Optional disc label paper is approx. 20 cents per label. All of these products can be easily ordered via a site like amazon. So even if you have only a computer and printer and goodwill in your heart, it still only cost under  $1 dollar to make and assemble each game. If you have trouble locating something, send us an email we will be happy to let you know which places we have found to be the best. We have no connections to any vendor so we cant offer discounts, but we do make hundreds of full copies of our games to give away so we do know of some good deals here and there.

Q) Which CD cases do you recommend we use with your games.
A) The premium standard single black CD Jewel cases. You'll likely find them all over your house from old games and music cds.  If not they can be purchased on line for under 20-50 cents per usually.

Q) I dont have CD Labels but I do have a lightscribe disc and a lightscribe capable disk-drive, does you cd art work work with lightscribe label making?
A) Yes, our cd artwork is fit for use with any lightscribe cd label making software.

Q) Can I produce these and sell them?
A) No, these games cannot be resold, and all the characters and rights remain with us.

Q) Can I make a bunch of them to give out at christmas to my family?
A) YES! make as many copies as you wish to give away, that is what these games were made for.

Q) We only have a older laptop will these games work on it?
A) If your laptop or desktop run windows xp/vista/7/8, our games should run fine. We test all our games on a computer well over a decade old and they run great.

Q) How can I help?
A)  What we simply ask is that people please help spread the word about our games and site, and if possible, make a few extra games to give and share :)

Q) What's the best way to place a cd label on a disc?
A) If you are just doing a single copy or only a few , just doing it by hand is often the easiest. If you are doing several or are having problems centering the labels, CD label applicators are available for  under $10 dollars

Q) I have brochure paper and other higher quality paper, will they work?
A) Obviously the better the quality of paper the better the end result will be. Multi-purpose paper will work fine however, but glossy photo paper for the cover and back art is nice, and brochure paper for the manual can also be a nice addition.

Q) Are there more games coming in the future?
A) Oh yeah, we are just getting started.

Q) Are you hiring?
A) Sorry, all work here is voluntary. But if you are a professional artist or composer willing to donate some time or assets to one or more of our future Reindeer Games we would love to hear from you.

Q) How big is the staff at PRG/Big Daddy Game Studio?
A) It's a one man indie show but with a lot of help from colleagues, friends, family, and the occasional outside kind and talented contributor.

Q) Can Project Reindeer Games be played online?
A) No, Project Reindeer Games are not browser based games. They are windows based games and can be downloaded and played on most windows xp/vista/7/8 systems.

Q) How often will new games appear and be available?
A) The goal is to have at least one new title added each holiday season.

Q) Do I have to register or fill out some form in order to download the game files?
A)  No, we dont require nor ask for any personal information.

Q) How large are Project Reindeer Games?
A) They all vary in size but the range is usually 40-60 Mbs.

Q) I printed out some art work but it seems to be a little small, how do I fix this?
A) Doh, please check out our print guide. Some browser and printer options constrain pdf printing size, the guide will show you how to easily fix and correct this problem.

Q) I have cd cases that are a little diffferent in size from the standard premium ones, is there anyway I can get the cd case cover and back artwork in different sizes?
A) Please email us a request and we can send you the artwork back in a different format allowing you to adjust the sizing as needed. Remember however, other than adjusting the size, any and all other alterations to the cover and back art is strictly prohibited.

Q) Why arent the manuals full HD color like the cover and back art?
A) Two reasons. 1) with many people using multi purpose paper for manual printing and with the manuals being two sided we had to worry about bleed through on the paper. 2) Cost, ink can be expensive and with the cover and back art already being hi-def, we didnt want the manual and cd logo art also using up too much of their valuable ink as well. It's a compromise that we think works.